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Voyage en Angleterre - Jour 5
Article mis en ligne le 12 mai 2023

par Agnès Granjon

"Today, we first went to the RAF (Royal Air Force, the English air army) Museum. We personally spent most of our time in the first hangar, in which we discovered many wonderful things. As an instance, we were able to be in the shoes of a pilot. Indeed, we were able to try a simulation of aviation, we could stroll in various real sized planes, we could be an agent of the Filter Room as well... It was a really interesting experience, but complicated though. It is the best way to understand how demanding and fundamental the RAF pilots’ role is. Then, we ate in the playground of the museum, where the games were again shaped like planes and helicopters. We had a lot of fun playing around, we felt like children all over again.

In the afternoon, we walked along the Regent’s park towards Camden. In this cheery district, we spent our 2,5 hours of free time going from thrift shops to coffee shops (Lea discovered Amorino, Nina discovered KFC). It may seem basic but we spend a wonderful time talking, wandering around with our friends... We felt at peace but also thrilled to be in such peculliar borough ! Overall, this last day in London was delightful and amazing."
Léa et Nina

"Today, we went to the Royal Air Force Museum, where we found a lot of vehicles like, planes or even small cars carrying the soldiers. All of them were incredible, we were astonished while looking at them, the fact that these planes were able to fly in the sky is unbelievable.

Later in the day we went to Camden, where we got free time. This district is out of time, all the little markets on each side of the road give a vintage aspect to the place, and all the tall buildings gave us an oppressive feeling, but not that much disturbing, we felt good there. This place was really joyful, everything and everyone was different, nothing looks like what we used to see in everyday life. The atmosphere down here was really pleasent. We all really liked the trip in Camden and in the Museum, sadly tomorrow will be the last day in England. We think that after this journey, all of us will be wishing to come here again, in London"
Kilian, Mathis, Amine

"Today was an amazing day but our last one in London. We went to the royal air force museum and we saw some of the most impressive planes and helicopters that were used during the two world wars. We ate our great picnics in the museum park (great for our group but not for all of us :( ). Then we had a big free time in Camden. It’s a big market composed of coffee shops, clothing stores, and souvenir shops. Camden is known for its excentric and extravagant features and stores, there they are selling specific punk rock items that we are not used to seeing in France. In this large district, we can smell foods from all around the world with restaurants and food trucks that make our taste buds travel across all around the different continents. We spent an awesome moment there."
Ines, Alicia, Sarah, Marie, Janis and Lilou

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