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Voyage en Angleterre - Jour 4
Article mis en ligne le 12 mai 2023

par Agnès Granjon

"Today we took the bus to London to visit the Imperial War Museum. The museum was huge and it was therefore necessary to make a choice because it was impossible to see everything. We therefore went to see the majority of exhibitions on the first and second world wars. These exhibitions were very interesting especially with the fact that there are names of important women cited like Eve Album or Rosemary Thompson.

Then we took our picnic in the museum yard. After eating, we walked to Shard tower and we climbed to the top. We were able to take lots of pictures.

After coming down, we walked a lot but to be able to eat cookies in a shop and these were really delicious. Then we joined the bus and went back to our families. It was nice all day except a few showers which allowed us to enjoy the day".

"First of all, this morning, we visited the Imperial War Museum. The atmosphere was quite heavy, and we all felt emotional and touched by what we saw, especially on the Second Floor, since it showed what happened during the Holocaust. At noon, we ate in the park next to the museum, and then we walked to the Shard, and we climbed more than 300m, and there was a panoramic view. Furthermore, we walked a LOT in order to reach Covent Garden, where we had free time in which everyone went to buy things to themselves. It was pleasant apart from the fact that it rained."

"Today we started the day by visiting the war museum which was very interesting there were many exhibitions that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the history of the different wars, then we went to eat in the park right next to the war museum, it was very nice right. After we walked to the Shard in which we went up to the top, that is to say 300 meters high and 72 floor. The view was incredible, it was very beautiful to see. Finally, we went to the Coven Garden where there were many small stands that sold memories and there were even very talented musicians who play violin. Finally, we have returned to our host families".

*There was also a part of the museum that concerned video games as call of duty and people explained how they were inspired by the war to make video games and there were also interactive games.

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