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Voyage en Angleterre - Jours 1 et 2
Article mis en ligne le 10 mai 2023
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par Agnès Granjon

"Yesterday we arrived in England by ferry after a 10 hour bus ride. We had breakfast on
board I had hash brown eggs. We were able to see the sea channel from the deck of the
ship and it was impressive".

"Then, we went to Hastings a beautiful city out at sea. We walked along the coast
and took our lunch in front of the sea"

"Then we went hiking along the chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters in the South Downs
national park offering beautiful landscapes.It was an exhausting hike but definitely worth it !!
So we left this place at 4:40 pm to join our families"

"After leaving the Seven Sisters, we were picked up by our respective hosting families.
Ours was Linda, a kind woman with a very cozy little house. When we arrived, dinner was
almost ready, so we ate, then refreshed ourselves, and went to sleep"


"After 10h of bus, we took the ferry at 8 a.m in Dunkirk in which we took an English breakfast.
Then, we visited Hastings which is nice town with colorful houses and shops and in which
we ate in front of the sea during our free time. Afterwards we went to the seven sisters cliffs
where we did a hike of 6 miles. The seven sisters are a marvelous and breathtaking
landscape. After this long day we went to our host families and spent time with them before
sleeping. So, it was a very nice frist day in UK !"

Clara, Valentine, Ambre and Félicia

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