Angleterre mars 2018 - Le récit des élèves : Jour 1 et 2 suite
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par Frédéric Florin, Gwenaël Daval

The fist day was a day of transportation with more than 13 hours in the coach and around 2 hours of ferry between Calasi and Dover. The trip was long but there was a good atmosphere.
On the second day, we visited Canterbury with its traditional houses and shops. In this city, we also ate an English Breakfast at the pub name the West Gate Inn.
In the afternoon, we saw the cathedral, had a free time to buy some gifts and we visited Leeds Castle. At the end of the day, we joined the family. We talked with them and finally after dinner we went to sleep.
Joaquim Serodon

Saturday March 24th,
We left at 5pm by bus. We took the ferry on Sunday at 7 pm. The trip went ok.
On Sunday, when we arrived in England, we drove a little then we stop in Canterbury to have a traditional English Breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage,…) After, we visited the city and we had a spare time to go shopping. At 1 pm we left to go in the direction of Leeds Catsle and its surroundings with an audioguide . Now we are in the bus to get to meet our family.
Elisa Cros

On the 24th of March, we took the bus at 5 pm in front of the Lycée. We did 4 stop during the trip and we watched the movie Avatar. On the second day, we arrived in Calais at Half past five in the morning. The Channel wasn’t rough. At 9 am, we got to Canterbury where we had an Engish Breakfast in a pub. Then, we visited apart of the city and had a time to go shopping. After we went to Leeds Castle and went to our family
Alexandra Chapelle